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Here are the latest plans for the Front Extension

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Latest News

Planning Permission and Initial Funds Raised:

The Council’s Planning Committee met on the 13th February 2019 to deliberate the outcome of our planning application and indicated that our application for extension will be approved subject to legal agreement. Many of you will have attended as observers at the Planning Committees deliberations.

Alhamdulliah, planning permission to develop the front of IANL had been obtained following legal agreement with Barnet Council on the 20th November 2020. This means that we have three years from this date to start work that is by the 19th November 2023.

The only active funds raised were during Ramadan 2019. We then met the COVID-19 pandemic which as you’ll all be aware that pretty much everything was closed. Ramadan 2020 and 2021 were very difficult for all of us. The masjid was fully closed during 2020 and we are only now beginning return to some degree of normality.

Progress in 2021:

During 2021, the Trustees and volunteers involved in the Front Extension have been working very hard to take the project to the next stage. That is the appointment of all the relevant professionals, with a view to producing a detailed plan with all the materials specified, so that contractors can be invited to provide a quote to complete the project. We are working to produce the detailed pack for this by June 2022.

Once this goes out to tender and a prospective contractor has been selected we will know the cost of the project. In the mean time we need to continue to raise funds to ensure that we have sufficient funds to start build and in due course to finish this intended project by the help of Allah SWT.

Professionals Appointed or in the Process of Being Appointed:

1. Quantity Surveyor, responsible for calculating the costs of materials specified in the design and specification and therefore, the ultimate cost of the project.

2. Contract Administrator, those that liaise with all the professionals to ensure that they have delivered according to the contract signed, also get involved in any remediation issues that may arise amongst IANL and its various professionals appointed including the future contractor to build the project.

3. Structural Engineer, responsible for calculating the size, strength and number of steel beams required for the project and of course ensure that the structural integrity of the build is sound and to regulation.

4. Architectural Professional, responsible for the detailed design, specification and bills of materials required for the project, also liaising with Council planning department and Building Control when required.

5. A Fire Consultant, responsible for ensuring that the building designed complies with current fire safety regulation, based on the intended use of the building.

6. Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, advise on electrical and mechanical equipment required for the building including things like Air conditioning, heat, air-flow from the wudu and toilet facilities etc.

7. A BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment) consultant, advise on the environmental requirement of the building including, energy efficiency, water efficiency and conservation, environmental quality and thermal modelling and analysis etc.
This group of Professionals together with the IANL Trustees and Volunteers are working together to produce the detailed design pack for the tender stage.


Once the contractors have been selected to tender for the project, some of them will be shortlisted for interviewed for further exploration and one of the these will be selected as the contractor to build the front extension of IANL.

Fund Raising:

IANL need to continue to fund raise to ensure that this project can be delivered. Given IANL only have a fraction of the money, so that works can start before 19th November 2023, without continuous funds being raised, this project will take a very long time to deliver.

It is paramount that all in our community help to raise funds from all sources that is available to them insha’Allah, and particularly not miss the opportunity to earn the pleasure of Allah SWT during the month of Ramadan 2022.

Phased Development:

Given IANL do not have all the funds to start and complete this project in one go, as such a phased approach to the development will needed. Meaning that work will begin and a proportion of the building will be developed for example the foundations etc. then works will halt until more funds are available to continue. The details of the phasing are currently being evaluated and we’ll provide more details when this is available.

This phased approach will ultimately mean more inconvenience for our congregants and possibly increasing costs, as costs of materials and labour inevitably escalate with time.

IANL Trustees and volunteers will endeavour to ensure that this inconvenience and costs on our community is minimised insha’Allah. We will need the help and support of all our congregants and community members in helping us to achieve this goal.

Wider Community Engagement:

Once IANL have a more firm understanding of the costs of this project, there will be a wider community engagement later in 2022 so that our various stakeholders can engage with the Trustees and Volunteers that are engaged on this project to ask any questions or understand the project in more details.