Nikah Service

North Finchley Mosque conducts Nikah service to the London Muslim community. Our Nikah service is there to help those who wish to be in an Islamic lawful and Halal relationship.

What is Nikah

Nikah is a great blessing and worship. In Sharia law Nikah viewed as a contract by both parties agree to live as husband and wife in accordance with the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad. Having a relationship outside the bond of Nikah is totally prohibited in Islam and is a major sin.

According to Islam, both man and woman have rights over each other when they enter into a contract with the man serving as protector and supporter of the family from his means. Ensure you are ready for your Nikah and fully aware of the consequences and responsibilities of Nikah. Thus we encourage you to read up on this topic and make yourself aware of your responsibilities.

IANL is approved for Civil Marriage Registrations

North Finchley Masjid is now an approved venue for marriage registrations. You can conduct your Nikah ceremony with the civil marriage element combined. The ceremony is conducted by our resident Imam it includes both “Islamic and civil” formalities. The civil formality procedure includes “Words of Declaration, a Contract and signing some documents”. The religious formality procedure includes “Recitation of the Qur’an, a nikah sermon (khutbah) and dua”.

Please contact Barnet register office to give notice, dates etc, and mention you would like the venue to be IANL. Then contact us making sure our availability matches your dates with the registers office (as they need to attend).

Barnet Website on arranging a civil marriage

Mahr (Dowry)

One of the essential elements of a Nikah is that the man agrees to pay the woman a dowry. The dowry is not a gift, and is a mandatory requirement for all men whereby an amount of money or possessions with monetary value is paid to the woman at the time of Nikah ceremony or later in the future for her exclusive use.

Documents requirement

  • Identification Documents – Each partner must present two forms of identification
    • One with a photo (e.g. UK driving licence or passport)
    • One with a UK Permanent Address (e.g. Utilities bill or Bank statement with dated within the last four months).
  • Birth Certificates – For each partner. If names have changed the Original copy of the Deed Poll.
  • Divorcees – Decree Absolute & Talaq Documents in accordance with Sharia.
  • Widow/Widower – Former spouses death certificate.
  • Two male witnesses of good character MUST be present at the time of Nikah. It is vital that the witness reliable, easily-traceable, unbiased witnesses to the Nikah. We will not provide any witnesses.
  • If one or both partners are converts to Islam, a letter or certificate is required from the person who conducted their Shahada.
  • Civil Marriage Certificate is required before the Nikah.

All of the documents listed above must be original documents and also bring a photocopy of each document for mosque to retain.

These documents must be produced before the Nikah.

Important information

  • Either one partner must be a resident of Barnet Borough.
  • We only conduct a Nikah where both partners are physically present.
  • Both partners and all witnesses must be over the age of 21.
  • Presence of the Wali (the bride’s father or next of reliable male kin to the bride).
  • Presence of two Muslim Male witnesses, with their ID’s.
  • You can bring along few friends and relatives to attend your Nikah are better.
  • It is important to note that Islam does not promote or advocate forced relationship.
  • Before the Nikah a “disclaimer” will have to be signed. Please note that the Nikah will not proceed till this disclaimer is signed and witnessed.

Nikah Fee

The current Nikah processing fee is £200 to cover all cost in advance. Please note that the fee is not refundable once an application is submitted and then withdrawn.

Nikah Certificate

Nikah certificate provides written proof of the lawful Islamic Halal Relationship. There will be 3 copies of the contract signed by all parties: 1 given to the man, 1 given to the woman, and 1 kept by the mosque conducting the ceremony.

It is important you retain this certificate, as you may need it in the future (e.g. if you undertake Hajj / Umrah – the certificate can prove a Nikah exists between yourselves especially as surnames are usually different at the time of Nikah).

The names on the photo ID will be the names that will be written on the Nikah certificate. We will not write any other names.


All of the above mentioned, is for your general guidance only. It should not be taken as the law. You should seek independent professional advice as relevant to your circumstances. We only conduct the Nikah, and we do not provide any legally binding advice etc.


If you are interested in booking for a Nikah ceremony, our Imam requires an interview & advice session with both couples and guardians. For inquiries, contact the IANL Administration team on 020 8492 0028 or via email, which is [email protected]. Our office hours are from Monday-Friday from 12pm-5pm.

Please note that IANL does not hold any marriage introduction service but only conducts Islamic marriages