Current Youth Events

Here are the current list of Youth Events we have running at the Masjid at the moment.

Sisters Youth Club

Dates: Sun 14th Jan – 3rd March
Time: 12:30pm – 2:30pm
Ages: 13-17 years old Sisters

Boys Muay Thai

New Term Starting 19 Jan 2024

Dates: Every Tuesday & Friday
Time: 7-8pm
Ages: 14-18 Year old Boys
Cost: £40 for 8 weeks (limited spaces.)

Oral Workshop

Come meet some local dentists to learn how to keep your teeth healthy.

When: 18 Feb 9:30am – 12pm
Ages: 5-11 years old.

Register by 28th Jan

Boys Homework Club

When: Every Thursday 4-5pm
Ages: All boys 10-16 years old. Local and Independent travellers, Muslim and Non-Muslim.
Location: 1st Floor, North Finchley Mosque
Amenities: Snacks, drinks and Wifi will be available.
Cost: Free

Clarity after Confusion

Dates: Every Sunday from 7 Jan 2024 – 25th Feb 2024
Time: After Zuhr
Ages: 16-25 years – Brothers only for now. (May include Sisters later)
Cost: Free