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Online Dangers

A recent report by the office of the Children’s Commissioner for England presented evidence which showed that significant numbers of children have access to sexually explicit images online and those exposed to such pornography were more likely to develop sexually risky behaviour. The report called for urgent action to ‘develop children’s resilience to pornography’.

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Online Dangers Affect Everyone

Children are not the only ones to be effected by pornography.

This week’s news has included details from the trials of the men found guilty of murdering Tia Sharp and April Jones. It has emerged that in both cases the men who murdered these girls had been viewing online pornography. This must serve as a stark reminder that online pornography impacts not only those who see it but wider society too.

Although ISPs and Google respond very quickly to remove images of child abuse the degrading and violent material that is routinely available online is just as damaging. Speaking about the killers of Tia and April, John Carr, of the Children’s Charities’ Coalition on Internet Safety, said: ‘we cannot blame the internet for these people but it has opened pathways that lead them on to violent pornography’.

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Today, kids and teenagers tend to know more about mobiles, the internet and social media than adults. check mobile operators websites for advice – search keeping kids safe online