What has happened?

  • The ramp and stairs at the front were much harder to remove than originally anticipated, which has introduced a short delay to the timeline
  • Excavations have revealed that the neighbouring property will need to be underpinned, which has introduced a further delay and significant additional costs
  • The gas meter and piping have been moved to allow building works to continue
  • Concrete pillars in the car park area have been poured
  • We still await dates from Thames Water for required works on the main road

What will the impact be to you?

  • Building works will stop during Ramadan
  • Our intention is to have use of the levelled front area for IANL use during Ramadan
  • Please continue to use the temporary front entrance until Ramadan

Instructions for IANL users

  • Do not park in front of the Taylor Wimpey (Homebase) entrance as this causes disruption to the extension building work
  • Continue to use the new main temporary entrance to the masjid
  • Please keep out of the hoarded areas and supervise children at all times

What’s happening in the next two weeks

  • Underpinning of the neighbouring property
  • Installation of drainage and foundations under recently demolished areas
  • Installation of temporary stairs for Ramadan
  • Further announcements for the next phase 3 will be made during Ramadan

Please support the Extension Project

Please continue to say dua for the success of the extension project.

Donations towards the extension project can be made directly through the IANL website and in the masjid.