IANL Fundraising Guide

Barakah Through Collaboration

Islamic Association of North London: Fundraising for Our Community

Thank you for choosing to embark on a journey of compassion, community, and charity!
Your efforts will make a significant impact on the lives of thousands, for many generations to come, in’sha’Allah. To ensure your fundraising success, we have put together this guide to support you every step of the way.

Once you have made the intention to fundraise, be sure to check out our handy tips below for ideas on how to get started.


Here are some tips to help you Fundraise.

Mission And Impact

Before you begin, familiarise yourself with our charity’s mission, values, and the causes we support.

Ethical Guidelines

Ensure your fundraising efforts comply with ethical and legal standards. Be transparent about how the funds will be used.

Fundraising Method

Select a method that fits your strengths and resources. Options include digital crowdfunding, community events, personal challenges, or collaborations with local businesses.

Set Clear Goals

Be realistic yet ambitious in setting your goals. Having a clear target will motivate you and your donors to work together to achieve a specific purpose.

Personable Messaging

Send messages to your phone contacts. Make it personal by addressing people by name.

Time It Right

Between 8pm to 10pm is known to be a good time to catch people on socials & WhatsApp.

Gift Aid It

Gift Aid is when the Government gives an additional 25% on top of any donation made, so long as the donor is a taxpayer. Ensure donors tick the box.

Note It Down

Note the names of everyone who intends to donate, as we know too well people get busy and time runs away with us all. Send a gentle reminder, they will thank you for it.

Video It

Create a short 15 second clip and share with your link! Adding a face to an appeal fosters trust, and encourages people to respond.

Compelling Story

Share a compelling narrative that conveys the need and impact. Use powerful stories and visuals to connect emotionally with potential donors.

Regular Updates

Keep your donors informed about the progress of your fundraising efforts and the impact they are making. Regular updates foster transparency and trust.

Challenge Yourself

Aim to complete a hike, a run, a reading challenge or wherever your imagination takes you, in order to hit that goal!


Let us know what you’re thinking so we can offer as much support as possible. You may require resources, tools, guidance or a simple motivational chat.


Here are some ideas to Fundraise

Digital Fundraising Link

Utilise crowdfunding platforms or create a personalised fundraising page, making it quick, easy and accessible for your friends and family to support you.


Always go down a treat! If you can’t bake, partner up and find yourself a baker whilst you focus on getting the orders in.

Charity Car Wash

Most of us have a car which hasn’t been washed for months! Reach out to your local car wash and simply ask if one day during the year they would be happy to let you take over for charity.

Donate A Day

Reach out to take-aways, barbershops, dessert parlours, restaurants, and ask for them to donate a day. Even after their costs, this could add up to a considerable amount.

Do You Dare

If you love your hair, be dared to chop it off, or dye it! If you have a phobia you’re willing to confront, do it! It’s simple – dish out dares for dosh and organise a day to follow through.

Sell A Skill

Use your talents to raise funds. Offer services like tutoring, graphic design, photography, or music lessons. Promote these within your community and online, stating that proceeds go to your fundraiser.

Sports Tournaments

Charge a small registration fee of £35 – £50 for teams to compete in an organised sporting event. You could request a small donation from spectators too! Introduce a snacks stall to maximise funds.

Corporate Partnerships

Seek support from businesses that align with our charity’s values. Companies often engage in corporate social responsibility (CSR) and you can find those that are interested in sponsoring or matching donations.

Quran Recitation Marathon

Complete all 30 chapters within 24 hours. Go live on your socials and pin your donation link so viewers can donate and share the stream.

Online Charity Auction

Set a date, time and go live on a selected platform, collaborating with other hosts, so viewers can battle and bid on donated items and services. Pin the link.

Mosque Crawl

Create a route to tour all mosques either in your area or your city. Gather your friends, put on a charity t-shirt and equip yourself with an already connected sum-up machine. Speaking with worshippers, you’ll be surprised by the barakah of raising.

Charity Movie Night

Whether the Ertugrul series, Osman or the new release on Rumi’s story, organise a movie-marathon. Entry fees, snacks and drinks all mount up.


    We are committed to your success!

    To support your fundraising efforts, we have created a comprehensive guide packed with resources and step-by-step instructions.