Brothers Quran & Arabic Classes

IANL currently offers the following class for brothers:

Brothers Quran Circles

IANL is pleased to offer:

– Brothers Quran Circle every morning immediately after the Fajr prayer, led by one of our Imams. The Circle is ideal for anyone who wishes to improve their recitation of the Quran. All ages & abilities (including beginners) are welcome. The Circle is free of charge and no registration is required. All you need to do is turn up!

– Brothers Quran Circle every Sunday after Dhuhr on the 1st Floor, led by Brother Sabri. This Circle is for complete beginners who wish to learn how to read Quran starting with the Arabic letters. For more information, please pop by & speak to Br Sabri, or alternatively add yourself to the class WhatsApp group using the following link:

– Brothers Quran Circle every Thursday, led by Brother Sabri. This class is for students who can already read Quran and wish to improve fluency and memorisation.

For more information on these Circles, please speak directly with any of our Imams or email us at [email protected] 

Classes for Sisters and Children

For information on the latest classes for sisters, please click here:

For information on our madrasah classes for children (IANL Academy), please click here: