IANL Academy

Teaching Children Quran, Sunnah and Beautiful Character

We are pleased to offer the following children’s classes at IANL

Standard Class (Boys and Girls)

Covering a variety of topics including Islamic Studies


Days Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Time 5-7pm
Ages 7-16
Fees £150 per pupil (no sibling discounts)
Availability As of September 2019, all Standard Classes (for both boys and girls) are fully subscribed, and there is a waiting list in operation for new spaces.

Hifdh Class (Boys only)

Quranic Memorisation


Days Tuesday & Thursday
Time 5-7pm
Ages 7+
Fees £100 per pupil (no sibling discounts)

Spaces available for boys. (All applicants for the Hifdh class must be able to read Quran)

(As of September 2019)

Code of Conduct

All prospective parents must read the Code of Conduct prior to applying. It sets out key information including our curriculum, uniform requirements, disciplinary protocols, exams and child safety measures.

Registration Process

Fill in the Application Form below and email it to [email protected] or hand it to Imam Shokat, Br Alam or Br Youssef. If a place is granted to your child, you will then need to pay a £60 one off non-refundable registration fee.

School Forms and Documents

Application Form

If you would like to enrol your child at IANL Academy or be added to the waiting list, please complete the Application Form below and hand it to Imam Shokat, Br Alam or Br Youssef. Alternatively, please WhatsApp the completed form to the IANL Academy number: 07414 850 547.

Code of Conduct & Prospectus

Please download the Code of Conduct & Prospectus Manual (below) for detailed information on the class structure / curriculum, fees, uniform, books, homework / exams, absences, behaviour, child safety & anti-bullying measures, disciplinary protocols, awards, teacher information and much more.

Medical Information Form

If your child has any medical conditions / allergies / or is taking medication, please complete this form.

Leave of Absence Form

If your child has taken or needs to take a leave of absence please complete this form.

More Information

is available at IANL Academy website


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