About the Imams

Imam Shokat Patel

Imam Shokat completed his Hifdh in London before spending 7 years in India graduating as an Alim at the prestigious Darul Uloom Arabiyya Islamiyya Kantharia. He then returned to the UK and spent the last 18 years teaching at the Darul Uloom in Kent and Quwwat ul Islam (Forest Gate), in addition to spending 5 years with Safar Academy. He specializes in teaching tajweed, tafseer and hadeeth.

Imam Shokat was appointed in 2016 as a full time Imam at IANL (having worked as a part time Imam over the last 10 years).

He is renowned amongst the IANL community for his excellent tajweed, for delivering articulate & beneficial khutbahs, and for his hadeeth and reminder series after salaah.

Outside of his work, Imam Shokat enjoys reading, writing, football and badminton. He has also participated in numerous charitable events, including climbing a mountain for Ummah Welfare Trust, and presenting the Salam Cup.

Imam Oussama Sahmaoui

Imam Oussama completed his primary education in Belgium. He then moved to Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, to attend the Institute of Islamic Education (Darul Uloom).

Imam Oussama completed his Hifdh at the age of 13, and followed up with 5 years of full-time study of the Arabic language and various Islamic sciences. He then spent 2 years at the College of Knowledge and Guidance, in Blackburn, where he completed his studies, graduating as an Alim. He went on to complete his Masters in Islamic Studies from the Markfield Institute of Higher Education.

He has been an Imam and Khateeb for over a decade in both Belgium and the UK. He also worked as a Chaplain in Her Majesty’s Prison Service for 4 years.

Imam Oussama is renowned in Finchley for delivering stimulating talks and Khutba’s, and having a proactive approach in delivering services to the community.

Outside of work, Imam Oussama loves to keep fit, is an avid reader, and enjoys travelling.

Imam Hamid Qureshi

Imam Hamid was born and raised a Finchlean having attended the Madrasa at 36 Long Lane (where the Masjid used to be) and secondary school at Christ’s College Finchley.

Having finished his secular education, Imam Hamid began to pursue an understanding of the Islamic disciplines by travelling to Cairo, Egypt, and joining Al Azhar University. He received a diploma from the Islamic Missions College, Al Azhar, in Islamic Studies. He then went on to complete a degree in Islamic Law at Al Azhar University and, thereafter, undertake a Masters in Islamic Political Science.

Imam Hamid has since returned to Finchley, delivering intensive courses, detailed seminars and inspirational talks. He has recently taken up the position as Director of IANL.

Outside of work, Imam Hamid enjoys reading, playing football, and cycling in the afternoons.

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