The Ilm Programme covers the Islamic basics and essentials across the broad range of all Islamic sciences such as theology, law, Quran, hadith and history, whilst also facilitating the study of more advanced levels of knowledge via a trusted source.

By the end of the Ilm Programme students should have a firm grounding in the knowledge of Islam, its development, fundamentals, nuances and how to apply it in the modern world. This will enable them to; a) come closer to Allah via seeking knowledge, and b) be encouraged to apply what it means to be a Muslim in their communities.

This Programme is open to all brothers and sisters of all backgrounds regardless of age or previous Islamic knowledge.


The Ilm Programme curriculum will consist of courses in 5 departments:

  1. Theology
  2. Islamic Law
  3. Quran and Hadith
  4. Islamic History
  5. Electives

Each course shall span over one or two days and shall be taught by either an internal Imam/teacher or an external teacher that complies with our speaker policy.

All courses will be delivered in a classroom setting with a presentation, class notes and a recording. The courses will be accompanied by an exam a few weeks after the course.

Each course that students complete will receive credit. Students must complete the accompanying exam to be eligible.

Students that complete specified amounts of courses in each department, i.e. receive a certain amount of credits, will qualify for a degree in accordance with the IANL Ilm Programme Curriculum.

Upcoming course

Our next course of the Programme will be one very relevant with Ramadhan around the corner. It will be on the topic of the Quran, entitled, Fundamentals of Tafsir.

To register and find out more, visit https://bit.ly/IANL-TAFSIR101.