IANL Management



The Mission

The Islamic Association of North London is a registered charity with the Charity Commission of England and Wales registration number 1173839.

The charity’s objectives are:

  • The advancement of religion in accordance with the tenets, philosophy, ideology and traditions of Islam
  • The advancement of education of Muslim children in accordance with the tenants and teaching of Islam
  • The relief of such members of Muslim community who are poor and in distress.

Management Committee

It’s day to day administration is run by a Management Committee elected by the member of the association once every two years.

The Management Committee members and office bearers of this Charity provide their services on a voluntary basis and none of these positions are recompensed.

The following is the list of IANL CIO Trustees elected at the AGM held on 13th January 2018

Election Commissioner: Nur Ahmed – Chairman, Tottenham Ayesha Masjid

CIO Trustees in Alphabetical Order

  1. Mohammed Abdul Basit
  2. Khaled Ahmed
  3. Faisal Habib
  4. Alnoor Kara
  5. Tehmur Khan
  6. Umar Khan-Cheema
  7. Mansur Rashid
  8. Shehu Suleiman