Friday Prayers

Wed 29 June 2022
30 Dhul Qa'dah 1443
PrayerTime Jamaat
Asr (Mithl1)5:27pm
Asr (Mithl2)6:42pm7:15pm
Next Friday Jamaat times
1:30pm & 2:30pm

Jamaat Times

Wearing a face mask is no longer a legal requirement when attending the Masjid but we strongly recommend Musalleen to wear a mask for Jummah. 

There will be 2 Jamaats:

1) 1:30pm: brothers and sisters.

2) 2:30pm: brothers and sisters.

Gates will open at 12:45 am and will be closed when the mosque is full. Socially distanced prayers are no longer provided for Jummah.


Park Responsibly

If you come by car please park responsibly and do not block driveways, park on private property, Topps Tiles, or opposite the Masjid in Christ Church North Finchley car park. It is encouraged that we respect our local community by adhering to such requests. If possible travel to the Mosque by foot or by public transport. There are also public car parks nearby.