There are a few important things happening at IANL to keep an eye on:

Jummah Bayan Friday 27 November

IANL will be live-streaming the Jummah Bayan at 12 pm on YouTube. Click here (link to YouTube) to access our YouTube channel and subscribe for updates.


Reopening for Individual Prayers – 28 Nov

IANL has been temporarily closed during the lockdown due to some key members of the team self-isolating for precautionary measures. This period is now over and we will be opening again for individual prayers. See here for more details on how to attend IANL for individual salah: 

IANL reopens for 5 daily prayers and Jummah – Dec 3

With the lockdown set to end on the 2nd of December IANL hopes to welcome you back to the Masjid for Salah in Jama’ah. More details to follow soon inshā’ Allah.


Jummah at the Masjid – Dec 4

IANL will be open for Jummah which will also be live streamed for those listening from home. More details to follow soon inshā’ Allah.