Terms and Conditions

Important Information and Disclaimer

The IANL Hot Food Hub is a free service that provides cooked meals to those within the community (primarily North Finchley and the close surrounding areas) who are in debt, on benefits, or who require a small helping hand during the current cost of living crisis.

All meals are prepared by volunteers in their own kitchens. For this reason, all our meals are likely to contain or have come into contact with known & common allergens including (but not limited to) dairy, milk, eggs, wheat, soybean, peanuts, tree nuts, fish and shellfish.

Although meals are typically accompanied with a list of ingredients on the packaging, these lists are not exhaustive and are there just for guidance purposes to illustrate the main ingredients present in the meal. Once again, we
must stress that the volunteer kitchens are not allergen-free. If you have any allergies / food intolerances, it is absolutely essential that you inform us in writing and seek clarification before consumption of Hot Food Hub meals.

By consuming our meals you are agreeing to hold IANL, the Hot Food Hub, and all staff, employees, representatives, volunteers & anyone else associated with the project, completely blameless and unaccountable for any reactions, illness, medical or other consequences that may occur from your consumption or contact with the aforementioned meals & produce.

We pray that you enjoy & benefit from this service, and that it provides you with some ease & comfort during this difficult period. We humbly request that you keep all of our volunteers in your duas.

Should you require any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact our team via email at [email protected].

Warmest regards,
IANL Hot Food Hub Team