We are pleased to announce that the first phase of the IANL Extension has started.


What is happening?

  • Work begins on phase 1 of the IANL extension this week inshAllah.
  • Phase 1 covers underground works and foundations for the extension.
  • The initial activities will be on site preparation and hoarding of the entire car park and part of the basement.


  • Starts Monday 2 October 2023 at 8am
  • Phase 1 scheduled to last 17 weeks

What will the impact be?

  • The masjid will be open as usual for all salawaat
  • There will be a significantly reduced capacity for jummah (no outside space for brothers)
  • There will be no spaces for car parking on site
  • Access to ladies’ prayer hall via the front entrance will be via the basement (not available at jummah)
  • It could be noisy until around 5pm weekdays
  • Arrangements have been made for quiet periods at jummah

Instructions for IANL users

  • Entrance to the masjid will be from the right hand gate only
  • Rosemont entrance remains unaffected
  • Please park elsewhere if you normally park in the car park
  • Please attend later jummahs if you can as space will be constrained
  • Sisters entrance for jummah will be from Rosemont Avenue only
  • Please keep out of the hoarded areas and supervise children at all times

What’s happening next?

  • The hoarding will be a long term feature
  • Demolition/ excavation will commence in a few weeks time inshaAllah