We are planning on delivering structured Islamic educational courses for adults across the community.

Roles available

We intend for courses to take place every other month, subject to teaching availability, where courses may last a full day or span over a weekend.

The programme will cover Islamic basics and essentials across the broad range of all Islamic sciences such as theology, law, quran, hadith and history, whilst also facilitating the study of more advanced levels of knowledge via a trusted source.

By the end of the programme students should have a firm grounding in the knowledge of Islam, its development, fundamentals, nuances and how to apply it in the modern world. This will enable them to a) come closer to Allah via seeking knowledge, and b) be encouraged to apply what it means to be a Muslim in their communities.

We are looking for brothers and sisters that are passionate to help facilitate the seeking of knowledge by carrying out essential administrative tasks that will enable us to launch and continue the Ilm programme. This will include tasks pre, during and post course day.

Number of people: 2+
Hours per month: ~3 hours admin + course attendance
Duration: Continuous

Skills Required/Preferred:
– Proficient in Google suite of apps (e.g. Gmail, Google Docs/Spreadsheets, Drive etc.)
– Excellent communication skills particularly via email and telephone
– Good research skills (e.g. sourcing resources)
– Ability to work within a budget
– Helpful, proactive, assertive, and friendly
– Ability to use initiative to find efficient solutions to problems
– Work well in a team


If you are interested in getting involved with this please click the link below