Changes for regular Salah

Alhamdulillah based on the constructive feedback we have received from brothers and sisters, we have refined our procedures for the regular Salah at IANL so that Musalleen no longer need to book a space for every Salah.

This will make it easier to access the masjid Insha’Allah.

We have created a guest list collated from the attendance of Musalleen thus far. You may be asked to give your name to the brothers helping out if they don’t know your name so don’t be alarmed if they make a request.

Getting added to the Guest List

If your name is not on the guestlist and you would like it to be added just give your name and number to one of the brothers assisting when you arrive at the Masjid.

These new procedures apply to the daily Salah at the masjid only.

Booking still in place for Jummah

Booking a space is still required for Jummah insha’Allah. For more information about booking a space for Jummah click here.