We are pleased to announce that we are now extending the re-opening to also perform Jummah Salah from Friday 11 September 2020. Due to limited capacity, Jummah will be held for brothers only to begin with.

Jummah Times

There will two Jamaat:

First Jummah: 12:15 pm

Second Jummah: 1:15 pm

Arrival Times


Please arrive for the First Jummah at 11:45am- 12:05pm. If you arrive later than 12:05pm your space is not guaranteed. 

Please arrive for the Second Jummah at 12:45pm – 1:05pm. If you arrive later than 1:05pm your space is not guaranteed.

Gates will close when the masjid is full or when the Iqamah is given. Please adhere to these strict timings.

What you need to attend

Please ensure you make Wudhu, before arriving as all Wudhu and toilet facilities are not available.

Please ensure that you bring the following items with you to the Mosque:

  1. Your booking confirmation for Salah
  2. A face mask – this must be worn at all times
  3. Your own prayer mat
  4. A bag for shoes
  5. Your own Quran and Tasbih (optional)

Safety Procedures

For more information on our safety procedures and who should not attend the masjid please click here:

Book Your Space

Only those with who have booked will be allowed to enter. To book your space for Jummah please click the link below and remember to arrive on time as stated above.

Bookings will be available after Maghrib on the Wednesday prior to Jummah.