Do you have what it takes to win?

Flex your brain muscles in interactive quizzes and watch our guests as they battle it out too.

It’s an entertaining and ridiculously-fun event for the entire family.

InshaAllah, you’ll be competing with other families for amazing prizes! The Quiz time will be hosted by Quiz Master Imam Hamid.

The Questions

The questions will be a mix of General knowledge as well as Islamic knowledge.

Come join us it’ll be fun Insha’Allah.

Starting the Quiz

The quiz will be at every Sunday at 7:30pm

Step 1: Open YouTube

YouTube is our primary link, please use that if you can. If you are having trouble and need to use Zoom please use this link

Step 2: Open The Quiz

Step 3: Enter the Quiz Code

If you need to enter a quiz code please use: 54 64 69