Encourage children to pray Fajr

Let your children compete in attending the Fajr prayer in the masjid.

“Give glad tidings to those who walk to the Masajid in the dark; of a complete light on the Day of Resurrection”

We are holding a competition for 2 weeks to encourage our youth to pray Fajr. The competition will take place during the holidays and prizes will be given to 3 people from those who pray Fajr in the masjid continuously for 2 weeks.

Step 1 – Register

  • Competition is open to boys of ages 7-15
  • Register your child by filling in the form below.

Step 2 – Download the Form

  • Download the form below and print it out. 

Step 3 – Attend Fajr and get form signed

The child must attend the Congregational Fajr Salah in the masjid and get the form signed by the IMAM EVERYDAY during the 2 week period (Fajr of Saturday 21 Dec to Fajr of Sunday 5 Jan  2020)


Prizes will be awarded to 3 people in January Insha’Allah.


Any queries please e-mail [email protected].