Alhamdulillah Rabbil Alamin

By the grace of Allah (Most High), IANL’s new redevelopment planning application has been approved by the council. This represents a significant achievement, and opportunity to redevelop to a unique centre that will server our community for generations to come Insha’Allah.

This represents a culmination of:

  • IANL team and Architect engaging with the council planners for the last 3 years.
  • Community support on the council website, signing letters and sincere du’as.
  • Engagement with the wider community to garner their support.
  • Application debated by the council’s planning committee on the 11th Feb 2019, where cases for and against were put forward.

Alhamdulliah by His grace alone and through our small efforts our planning application was approved unanimously by the Councillors in the Planning Committee. Congratulations to us all, the first and the biggest hurdle has been overcome.

Next Steps

We will now embark on the next phase of launching the fundraising campaign and begin the work to get this built within the required period. We ask you all to continue to remain engaged with us on this, and request your support in this matter to get this delivered Insha’Allah.