As part of our Weekly Halaqah series the Islamic Association of North London proudly presents

The remembrance of the affairs of death and the afterlife – From the study of a compilation of Ahadeeth by Imam Al – Qurtubi

Taught by: Imam Oussama

Every Saturday after Isha (7pm)

If a person had no other distress or anguish before them except death, this would be sufficient to disturb their livelihood. Death is the reality of every soul and it is the destroyer of all pleasures. How strange is it indeed that a human is so immersed in worldly life; it’s delights, glitter, glamour, fame and power that they are heedless of a truth which is about to strike at any time, with no return.

This is a free event open to both brothers and sisters.

We hope to see you there!

JazakAllah Khair!