Don’t miss Lailatul Qadr

This year we are pleased to announce that you can now donate to IANL using My Ten Nights. Don’t miss Lailatul Qadr by having your donation automatically split over the last 10 nights of Ramadan.

It’s Easy to Donate

It’s very easy, select a donation amount and then choose how it is split over the last 10 nights.


3 ways to split your donation

  1. Equally across all nights
  2. More on the Odd Nights
  3. More on the 27th Night

3 IANL Causes

We have 3 causes you can donate to:

  • IANL 50/50 Campaign supporting the Masjid running costs and redevelopment
  • Provide financial aid to local families (over 30 families supported last year)
  • General Donation – Where need is most appropriate