Alhamdulillah we have increased the capacity of the number of Musalleen who are able to pray in the masjid. As a result of this, Musalleen are no longer required to pre-book their Jummah spaces from this Friday 25 June 2021.

Gates open at 12:45 and entry will be given on a first come first serve basis. For the second and third Salahs the gates will open as soon as Musalleen from the previous Salah have vacated the premises. Gates will close once full capacity has been reached. Musalleen from the same household will no longer be permitted to share a space. 

With this increase in capacity comes an increase in risk so it is of the utmost importance that all Musalleen adhere to the guidelines set out by IANL and take instructions from the Salah stewards. Face masks must be worn at all times, with no exceptions. You must bring your own prayer mat and bag for your shoes. 

Musalleen will be expected to queue on the Taylor Whimpy (formerly Homebase) side of the mosque in the direction of Topps Tiles. Sisters will enter via Rosemont Avenue for the 3rd prayer.

Jummah is always a busy time so plan in advance which Salah you wish to attend. There will be 3 Salawat for Jummah: 1:30 pm, 2:15 pm, and 3:00 pm

Please take care when arriving at the masjid and park in a sensible and considerate manner.