After careful deliberation and consultation with Imams, medical professionals and other masajid; IANL has decided not to host Taraweeh prayers this Ramadan for reasons of safety and compliance. This decision comes as a result of the logistical challenges that IANL faces alongside the risk of keeping large numbers of people in enclosed spaces for prolonged periods of time.

Whilst this decision may be disappointing, it is also an opportunity for us to revive the forgotten Sunnah of the Messenger SAW to stand the night in prayer in his home and with his family.

Daily Salawat

The 5 daily Salawat and Jummah will continue as they do now during the month of Ramadan. Brothers and sisters attending the masjid for Maghrib are requested to bring their own dates and/or water to break their fast.

Instead of inviting charities to the masjid this year we will post their details online daily so keep an eye out on our website and social media platforms for more details on how you can support them during the blessed month.

JazakumAllahu Khairan