Closure of the Masjid

Despite the government allowing places of worship to remain open under Tier 5 restrictions, it is with great sadness and a heavy heart that IANL has had to make the decision to suspend all services and close as from the morning of Wednesday 6th January 2021.

High Rates of Infection Locally

This is due to the very high levels of COVID-19 transmission locally which is rapidly increasing on a weekly basis. It is IANL’s responsibility to safeguard the community attending the mosque as well as trustees, staff and volunteers who work in serving the community.

This difficult decision has been made in consultation with our Imams and senior scholars as well as other mosques and Islamic centres across London that we prevent any avenue of spread through our masjid.

We will continue to review the situation and we will keep you updated of any changes via IANL’s website and social media channels.

Advice to community

We advise all brothers and sisters in the community to:

  • Make dua to Allah (SWT) that He comes to our aid and delivers us all from this difficulty with firm belief and reliance upon Him
  • Maintain salah at home with their families so that they may create a culture of righteousness and piety
  • Safeguard themselves and others around them by following government advice and guidance [link] to help stop the spread of the virus

JazakumAllahu Khairan for your patience and understanding and we hope to see you all soon