Prayer Times

Here are the Eid Prayer times:

Prayer Time Notes
1st 6:00
2nd 7:30 Expected to be less busy
3rd 8:45 Expected to be less busy.
Basement reserved for Women
4th 10:00 Basement reserved for Women
5th 11:15 Basement reserved for Women

Other Arrangements

  • Fajr Jama’ah on Eid day will be at 5:00 am.
  • The prayers may start earlier than stated if the mosque becomes full in order to ease congestion inside and outside the mosque.
  • Women are welcome at all prayers and extra space will be made available during the 8:45, 10:00 and 11:15 prayers (The Basement)
  • STRICTLY no parking in the Mosque, Homebase, Topp Tiles or Church car parks.
  • Please plan to arrive at the masjid 20 minutes before the designated prayer time to allow for parking, walking to the mosque or those requiring special assistance etc.
  • Please do not block the pavements for others as it is Sunnah to be respectful and courteous to our neighbours.
  • Please keep your shoes with you in the bags provided and exit the prayer hall as¬†directed, as this will help speed up exiting of the halls and allow the next jamaat to enter more smoothly.