These are the charities that will be making appeals for donations at the Masjid during Ramadan

Date Charity
Sun 05 May Muslim Hands
Mon 06 May GENCAD
Tues 07 May Islamic Network
Wed 08 May Northolt Masjid
Thur 09 May Interpal
Fri 10 May Muslim Research & Dev Foundation (MRDF)
Sat 11 May Syria Relief
Sun 12 May HHUGS
Mon 13 May Ummah Welfare Trust
Tues 14 May Al Huda Masjid
Wed 15 May Darul Uloom Kantharia
Thur 16 May Rahma Mercy
Fri 17 May Muntada Aid 
Sat 18 May Discover Islam
Sun 19 May Finchley Masjid Collection
Mon 20 May Grameen Smile
Tues 21 May African Development Trust
Wed 22 May Bracknell Masjid
Thur 23 May Al Isharah
Fri 24 May Educational Aid Palestine
Sat 25 May Finchley Masjid Collection
Sun 26 May READ Foundation
Mon 27 May Finchley Masjid Collection
Tues 28 May Human Appeal
Wed 29 May Finchley Masjid Collection
Thur 30 May Muslim Aid
Fri 31 May Finchley Masjid Collection
Sat 01 June Human Relief Foundation
Sun 02 June Finchley Masjid Collection

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