What is happening?

  • The foundations to the front of the building (the area in front of the current basement double doors) are expected to complete by next week
  • Set up of the Taylor Wimpey (Homebase) site including perimeter hoarding, blocking of gates is underway
  • We are currently one week ahead of schedule

What will the impact be?

  • The Taylor Wimpey (Homebase) entrance will be in constant use
  • Shoe rack spaces are likely to be reduced in the basement

Instructions for IANL users

  • Please do not block the entrance to the Taylor Wimpey (Homebase) site by parking there, as the workers will be using this frequently.
  • Please keep out of the hoarded areas and supervise children at all times.

What’s happening next?

  • There will be a tent setup on the Taylor Wimpey (Homebase) site to allow for a contractor working space
  • Initial investigative works to commence for the foundation and a supporting column for the extension inside IANL – this will be the first works inside the building and the first that requires an outside wall to be cut into
  • Break through the boundary wall onto the Taylor Wimpey site
  • Padstone by main gate to go in once the area is cleared
  • The electric consumer unit will be moved to the shoe rack area in the basement
  • Underground attenuation tanks and manholes to be installed (these will take 2 weeks)