Listen Live

Adhan, Prayers and Talks live-streamed to your home

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  • Automatically plays the adhan at home five times a day to help you reach jamaat.
  • Listen to spiritually refreshing talks if you are unable to attend the mosque.
  • Works anywhere with a suitable internet connection.

Getting a Radio


We can provide Pre-programmed internet radios available for purchase from the mosque (subject to availability).

Contact us on 020 8492 0028 or [email protected]


If you’d like to get your own radio you can get this one from Amazon

Setting up your own Wifi Internet Radio?

  • Search for station “IANL” or
  • Program it to access:

On your Mobile Phone

Download the app on your Mobile using the links below
  • Once installed click the menu bar and choose “Add New”
  • Then enter the Stream URL mentioned below

Once installed then in the app add station using URL