Request a Giving Page

If you’d like to raise money for the Masjid using a Giving Page please use the form below

Would you like to raise funds for the Masjid?

If you’d like to raise funds for the Masjid please use the form below.

Tips for Fundraising:

  • Take a Selfie – A Selfie can generate 10% more donations.
  • Tell a Personal Story – Why are you fundraising and why is it important to you. It’ll inspire others.
  • Perform an activity that people can sponsor you for. Be creative and make it fun.
  • Get others to join you. The bigger the team the greater the reach to get sponsors.
  • Share! – Sharing on Facebook, WhatsApp and other Social media raises more money. You may need to share a few times as people are quite busy these days and may not be able to respond to the first email. Send a gentle reminder each week.
  • Email – There are still quite a few people not on social media so it’s also worth sending out an email.

May Allah grant you success and reward you for your efforts and intentions.


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