Automate Your Donations

This Ramadan you can automate your donations with LaunchGood or MyTenNights.

More ways to donate

This Ramadan you have more choice in how you can automate your donations.

  • Donate each day of Ramadan
  • Donate on the Last 10 Nights

Setup your automated donations today and get the benefit of donating in Ramadan and also donating on Lailat-ul-Qadr.

Donate with LaunchGood

This year you can automate your donations with LaunchGood. Setup a donation of over £3 per day with LaunchGood your money will support multiple charities on LaunchGood and £100 will also be given to IANL.

With LaunchGood you can donate either on the Last 10 Nights or on Each night of Ramadan

Donate with My Ten Nights

This year with My Ten Nights you can donate on either the Last 10 Nights or on each night of Ramadan.

You can also choose which IANL causes you want to donate to:

  • Front Extention Redevelopment
  • Provide financial aid to local families (Sadaqah or Zakat)
  • Where need is most appropriate