Police Safer Neighbourhood Team in West Finchley

David R Stephenson - Chair

Finchley Masjid to have representation on the ward panel starting early June 2013


This is primarily to cover West Finchley and as such it is residents within the ward to put forward any concerns or suggestion(s).  The Masjid representative does not mind bringing up any general concerns at the meeting. 

The task of the Panel is to meet once every three months to discuss with the local Police what issues of crime and policing in our area concern us.  They will set priorities for the local police to concentrate on to deal with the issues that concern us as local residents and business people.  

Please contact us with any concerns you would like us to raise on your behalf using contact us page with subject line Police Safer Neighbourhood Team in West Finchley and Inshallah we will raise your concerns. 

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