Prayer Times

Sat 24 February 2018
PrayerTime Jamaat
Asr (Mithl1)2:58pm
Asr (Mithl2)3:41pm4:00pm
Next Friday Jamaat times: 1pm & 2pm


Imam Advice Line - 07931 932 721


Allah’s Messenger (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: ‘Seek refuge in Allah against the pit of grief.’

The Companions asked, ‘Allah’s Messenger, what is the pit of grief?’

He replied, ‘It is a river in Hell against which even Hell seeks refuge four hundred times a day.’

They again asked, ‘Allah’s Messenger, who will enter it?’

He remarked, ‘It has been prepared for reciters of the Quran desiring to show off their deeds. The most detestable of the reciters in the sight of Allah are those who frequently visit the rulers (for worldly ends).

Ibn Majah – Sahi

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