During Ramadan the following charities will be visiting the mosque appealing for donations. Please give what you can and may Allah reward your generosity

Date Charity
Sat 27 May 2017 Muslim Aid
Sun 28 May 2017 Finchley Masjid Collection
Mon 29 May 2017 Human Aid
Tues 30 May 2017 Islamic Network
Wed 31 May 2017 Interpal
Thurs 01 June 2017 Generation for Change & Development (GENCAD)
Fri 02 June 2017 Al Isharah
Sat 03 June 2017 Discover Islam
Sun 04 June 2017 Finchley Masjid Collection
Mon 05 June 2017 Rahma Mercy
Tues 06 June 2017 READ Foundation
Wed 07 June 2017 Syria Relief
Thurs 08 June 2017 National Zakat Foundation
Fri 09 June 2017 Darul Uloom Kantharia
Sat 10 June 2017 Educational Aid Palestine
Sun 11 June 2017 Finchley Masjid Collection
Mon 12 June 2017 African Development Trust
Tues 13 June 2017 Ummah Welfare Trust
Wed 14 June 2017 Muslim Hands
Thurs 15 June 2017 Orphans in Need
Sun 16 July 2017 Grameen Welfare Smile
Sat 17 June 2017 Muslim Research & Dev Foundation (MRDF)
Sun 18 June 2017 Muntada Aid
Mon 19 June 2017 Finchley Masjid Collection
Tues 20 June 2017 Human Appeal
Wed 21 June 2017 Finchley Masjid Collection
Thurs 22 June 2017 Human Relief Foundation
Fri 23 June 2017 Finchley Masjid Collection


Reported by Abu Hurairah (RA): The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said, \"Do you know what is backbiting?\'\' The Companions said: \"Allah and His Messenger know better.\'\' Thereupon he said, \"Backbiting is talking about your (Muslim) brother in a manner which he dislikes.\'\' It was said to him: \"What if my (Muslim) brother is as I say.\'\' He said, \"If he is actually as you say, then that is backbiting; but if that is not in him, that is slandering.\'\'


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