Event: Youth Employment Workshops
Volunteers Needed: Volunteers with experience in developing their careers.


We are on the verge of organising our inaugural event for the Youth Employment Support Program and we are looking for Volunteers to help.

The event is currently in the final planning stages, tentatively scheduled for a weekend in February at the IANL First Floor, from 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm.


Volunteer Opportunities

Table Hosts from Various Backgrounds

We are seeking individuals from diverse professional backgrounds to host tables at the event. Your role includes sharing insights into your work background, discussing relevant educational requirements, and highlighting possible work placement skill sets. The event plan below provides more details.

Currently, we have representation from the Dentistry and IT sectors but would welcome volunteers from other fields too (Healthcare, Finance, Business, Architecture, Law etc).

Local Business Connections

If you have connections with local businesses, their presence at the event would be invaluable. Networking can open doors for our attendees. Please consider joining and encouraging others with relevant connections to participate.

Local Faith Organisations

If you have any ideas or connections with local faith organisations that we can invite, please share them. Their involvement can enhance the diversity and richness of our event.

Event Plan


Career Exploration Mixer

Introducing various career paths, networking opportunities, and initial exposure to different professions. We will hold a stall for each profession showcasing its requirements, growth prospects, and insights into the industry.

Skills Development Workshop

Equipping attendees with practical skills needed for job hunting and career advancement.

  • CV Building & Interview Techniques: Conduct workshops with experts guiding crafting effective resumes, cover letters, and interview preparation. Have interactive sessions for mock interviews and personalised feedback.
  • Document Review Stall: Set up a stall where attendees can bring their CVs, cover letters, or any job-related documents for review and suggestions.
  • Networking Session: Facilitate group discussions or activities aimed at improving networking skills and fostering connections among participants.

Ongoing Support & Mentorship

Provide continued guidance, mentorship, and a platform for ongoing career support.

  • Mentorship Program: Introduce a mentorship initiative where interested attendees can be paired with professionals in their desired field for guidance and advice.
  • Career Workshop Series: Organise a series of workshops focusing on specific topics like personal branding, career growth strategies, workplace etiquette, etc.
  • Job Board/Resource Hub Create an online resource hub or job board where participants can access job listings, internship opportunities, and relevant resources.

Get in Touch

If you can help with any of these areas please get in touch at [email protected]