The communications manager will work with the Extension sub-committee (ESC) and the various professionals employed by the masjid on the project, to gather the appropriate information and produce communications materials that will be used to inform all IANL stakeholders.

Materials to be produced will include the following amongst others:
1. Provide regular content updates to the IANL digital team for posting on the website and other digital channels.
2. Produce a Newsletter on progress of the project on a periodic basis as determined by the ESC.
3. Draft communiques for use by the imams to inform the community of progress from time to time.
4. Oversee the production of graphics, flyers and other materials that may be required to communicate progress on the extension or for fund raising in conjunction with other relevant IANL stakeholders.


Liaising with the ESC and the various professionals employed by the masjid on the project to understand the specifics of the project’s progress to date, next steps, the timeline, and key milestones.
Gather sufficient information about the project from various sources, to be able to produce regular communication materials that could be used to keep all IANL stakeholders informed on the project’s progress.

1. Content required to update the IANL website for the Extension
2. Newsletter on a periodic basis as determined by the ESC
3. Content for e-mails sent to IANL members and other stakeholders from time to time.
4. Other materials that will be used for the IANL digital channels.
5. Concise notes for verbal announcements of progress for the Imams and other Trustees.
6. Content/ flyers to support fundraising activities.

Number of people: One vacancy.

Gender: Brother or Sister.

Hours per week: 2-3 hours a week prior to the physical commencement of the project.

Duration: until the completion of the project.

Skills Required

Some of the desired skill set for this role are listed below:

1. A person with a self-motivated and a can-do attitude.
2. Good communications skills in English.
3. Ability to write lucidly and succinctly in English.
4. Ability to ingest and re-articulate new information in a way that can be understood by different audiences.
5. The temperament and maturity to be able to get along with a multi-disciplinary team from a very diverse cultural and in some instances religious backgrounds.
6. Skills in designing leaflets and other communication materials would be highly desirable.
7. Competent with the use of computers, tools and applications that lend themselves to the production of communication materials, e.g., MS word, PowerPoint and others that are available in the market.
8. Understanding of community/commercial projects of this nature would be helpful in articulating the issues.
9. A desire to serve ones local masjid and community centre with the sole purpose of seeking the pleasure of Allah SWT.


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