Jummah and Eid are the busiest times for the masjid as thousands of people come to pray. Due to the unique structure of the masjid this large group of people needs direction and management so that everyone is praying where they are supposed to and no one is a hazard to others. We’d like you to help us coordinate this great work.

Scope: –

  1. Managing entry and exit
  2. Ensure correct PPE is worn
  3. Ensure masjid capacity is utilised to the fullest
  4. Clearing and disinfecting halls

Number of people: 5+
Brothers Only
Hours per week:
e.g. 1 hour – Friday

Skills Required

You will need or be willing to learn some of the following skills: –

  • Good people skills
  • Good communications skills
  • Proactive approach to the tasks required


If you are interested in getting involved with this please click the link below