We are pleased to announce that Eid ul-Adha will be on Tue 20th July 2021.

This means that:

Day of Arafah (9th Dhul Hijjah) – Mon 19th July.
Eid al-Adha – (10th Dhul Hijjah) – Tue 20th July.

Eid Prayers

 There will be 5 Eid Salawat

Salah Time Brothers / Sisters Special Arrangements
1 7:30 Brothers only
2 8:30 Brothers only
3 9:30 Brothers and Sisters
4 10:30 Brothers and Sisters
5 11:30 Brothers and Sisters Socially distanced prayers

COVID Safety Arrangements

With the new Government guidelines and taking into consideration the implications of the Delta Variant the new safety arrangements for Eid Salawat are as follows:

  • You no longer need to pre-book a space.
  • Face masks still need to be worn
  • For salawat at 7:30, 8:30, 9:30 and 10:30 social distancing will not need to be observed.
  • The 5th Salah at 11:30 is for those who wish to still observe social distancing.
  • Shoe areas will not be accessible. You will need to keep your shoes with you in a bag.
  • Prayer Mats are now optional.
  • A one way system will be observed.

The Messenger of Allah ﷺ said,
‘There are no days on which righteous deeds are more beloved to Allah than these ten days (the first ten of Dhul Hijjah).’

They said, ‘Not even jihad for the sake of Allah?’

He said, ‘Not even jihad for the sake of Allah, unless a man goes out himself for jihad taking his wealth with him and does not come back with anything.’