Opening for Dhuhr

Currently the mosque is open for Fajr, Maghrib and ‘Ishaa and we hold two Jummah prayers.

With Allah’s permission we intend to open for Dhuhr in a way that is less reliant on volunteers and instead is designed to be sustainable using staff and trustees.

No longer need to Book

In common with Fajr, Maghrib and ‘Ishaa there will be no need to pre-book for Dhuhr. Instead names will be checked off a guestlist upon arrival for salah. You may have to queue initially so please bear with us during this time.

From Tuesday 13 October 2020 InshaAllah we will admit musalleen from 1:15pm and the gates will remain open until the iqamah is called.

Safety Measures

Please do continue to bring a mask, a prayer mat and a bag for your shoes when attending for jamaa’ah – and arrive early with wudhu as there will be no facilities onsite.

If you are ill

Please refrain from attending the mosque if you are ill, particularly if you have a temperature or a cough.